DDB Mudra West pays tribute to its ladies with ‘Phenomenal Woman’

DDB Mudra Group takes pride in its progressive culture and strongly believes in enabling talent, irrespective of the gender. This can be seen in the agency’s work environment which strongly practices gender parity.

As a tradition every year, the agency celebrates Women’s Day with fun- filled activities at the group’s offices across the country. This year, DDB Mudra West added to the celebrations with a beautiful film featuring the ladies of the agency.

With a strong background narrative of Maya Angelou’s composition- Phenomenal Woman; the 2 minute film features over 60 female employees of DDB Mudra West from various functions. All the ladies have been showcased doing things they are passionate about; be it boxing to just taking selfies. This visual is strongly backed by one of Maya Angelou’s timeless work- Phenomenal Woman which serves as a fierce attack on stereotypes. The narrative flows to describe how a woman need not have the proclaimed feminine traits to succeed, nor does she have to do anything loud to snatch attention. Rather it is her confidence and her talent that makes her a ‘phenomenal woman’. The narrative and the visual together reinforce DDB’s agenda that ‘talent has no gender’.

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